A sample of personal experimental projects exploring techniques, thoughts and ideas.


When I sat down to create these posters, I was thinking a lot about the influence of solitude vs community on creativity. As this is a personal project, I didn't have a goal in mind other than to play and experiment - and so I begun with Illustrator's new Freeform Gradients feature, as I haven't had a chance to explore it yet.

The original iteration of the posters was quite different - but as they begun to remind me of alien landscapes, I decided to develop them further, resulting in the above retro-futurism inspired set alluding to planets.


This project is the beginning of an exploration of my birth name - names are something we all share, but our experiences of them vary depending on the people that use them. 

Each design was an attempt at making my name illegible. In the pattern pages, I attempted to distort and transform the letters into something new until even I could no longer read them - curiously, I still could.

In this project, I hoped to convey tension and the sense of pulling something apart and putting it back together, as well as making something familiar
feel foreign. 


A small selection of illustrative projects, including
a vector tribute to characters from the popular franchise Game of Thrones and a hand-drawn experimentation with 
psychedelic lettering.

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