A design project for an annual Andover College award ceremony, including logo, event programme and award certificates. 

The certificate redesign had a two-fold challenge: as they were being printed in-house due to time constraints, it meant that a white border would be unavoidable due to the College's printers, and the large amount of sponsor logos that were required to feature on the certificates meant that the remainder of the design needed to be as legible as possible.

I therefore opted for a white certificate design sectioned simply with lines and white space and featuring contrasting type in the middle section.

I designed the logos for the ceremony with a dual purpose: to provide a familiar element that could be featured across the collateral design for the event, and to give the necessarily bare-yet-busy award certificates (further down) a graphic focal point. 

The primary logo references the College's refreshed branding, now utilising bold uppercase typography, and the College logo's tri-coloured dots. While the original dots are a bold red, blue, and green, colours used across the brand, here I decided to lighten and overlap them in order to build a logo that wouldn't clash with the College logo while able to work alongside it.

The College's new branding is minimalistic in elements but bold in type and colour, and my goal was to reflect that in the programme design. 


I opted to omit the lime green and rely on the strong contrast between navy, blue and orange to create bold header strips running across the award spreads, but featured the green only on the sponsor pages as tabs in order to highlight the individual sections.

Where a filler page was necessary, I created a simple typographical page featuring the College's strap line.

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